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Our sessions allow for plenty of free play, and yet have a definite structure to them. We have a theme each half term, and we link this into the Early Years Foundation Stage. We do have a small group activity each day that links in with the Government Letters and Sounds program. We focus on listening, rhyming, storytelling, phonics and also do some maths work. We have daily PE., music and story sessions., Linked to our P.E. we also have a Sports day in the summer. 

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We endeavour to access the outdoor area wherever possible; as well as using our designated outdoon area. We also use the wooded and grass areas which give the children oportunities to discover the wonderful world of nature. The children are of course kept safe and supervised while outside. Healthy snacks are provided: fruit, milk and water, These are shared socially around a table with both adults and children. From time to time we do have visits from various people within the community, i,e. Police, Fire Brigade, Dental Nurses, Vets, Librarians and others.

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