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Our aims and values

Our aim is to prepare your child both socially and educationally for primary school, and hope that when the time comes they will join their new school with confidence.

We create a stimulating environment where children are able to gain language for communication and thinking and use their skills to find solutions to problems tackle new challenges and increase their sustained shared thinking.

To this end we employ both highly motivated and qualified staff.

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The children have opportunities to explore and learn through play and first hand experiences and take risks within a safe environment. We provide a wide range of activities including Montessori equipment.

We value the children as individual, welcoming their ideas and involvement in the setting, allowing their to learn at their own pace to reach their full potential. In order to achieve this we continually monitor the children's progress through observation. We also acknowledge that each child brings their own unique contributions and experiences to the setting. We encourage this in a variety of ways including bringing in special items from home and singing songs at music time. 

We operate a key person system to ensure that no child is overlooked. The key person works closely with the children building up a relationship with them and getting to know each child's interests and characteristics. They also liaise with the main carers and keep the children's records up to date which are sent home regularly. Furthermore, we work closely as a team therefore all staff build good relationships with all the children in our care.

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