Our Local Offer

At Pals we recognise that all children are unique and provide a warm welcome to all. We work closely with outside agencies welcoming visits and using any shared information to support children within the setting. We also liaise with our Area SENCo team who offer invaluable support and advice.

Our building is wheelchair friendly and we have a disabled toilet. We have a variety of rooms including a quiet room which can be an asset to any child who might at times find things a little overwhelming. During our sessions we use a visual timetables and pictorial images together with some sign language which is an aid for all of the children as they develop their understanding, language and attention skills.

Our SENCo is Teresa Robinson who supports the staff team in their work with any children who need additional support. Teresa has attended a variety of courses to enhance her knowledge and skills.

If your child needs specific support for any additional needs then the SENCo together with the child’s key person will write an action plan for the child highlighting 2-3 specific targets that we will work on together. These documents are always shared and reviewed with the parents and take account of any professional agencies involved with the child

When your child is ready to start school then we liaise with the schools and arrange and attend transition meetings when necessary to aid the process. Any paperwork such as outside agency reports, Pals Action Plans will be sent to the school with your permission. This is in your childs’ best interest in order to ensure that their new school is aware of any support they may need.