Oliver's Milkshake

Week commencing 1st March we will be exploring the Book “Oliver’s Milkshake”.

Our activities next week will include:

1.       Talk about milk, where it comes from and how it helps our bones and teeth to grow strong

2.     Talk about the different fruit Aunt Jen used to make the milkshake, serve bananas and blueberries at snack time and encourage the children who are not familiar with either of the fruit to try it.

3.     The children will be able to help prepare the bananas for snack honing their fine motor skills.

4.     Make a smoothie with blueberries and bananas and also make milk shake using the milkshake machine to make it frothy

5.     Oliver visits a farm to get some milk and buy some fruit from the farm shop. Explore what animals might live on a farm and also what other produce the farmer may grow

6.     On the farm Oliver sees some other animals such as sheep and hens. We will explore their produce such as wool and eggs.

7.     We will have the small world farm and figures out and the children will be able to role play being Oliver visiting the farm

8.     Sing Old Macdonald at Circle time and The Farmer’s in his Den during PE

9.     Talk about the different types of milk that are available: cows, goats, soya, almond etc.

10.  Look at our globe and world map to see where bananas grow and talk to the children about what type of climate bananas need to grow.

11.   We will have our greengrocer shop in the role play area where the children can enjoy playing as the shop keeper or the customer filling their trolleys or bags with produce.

12.  Read the other books in the series “Oliver’s Vegetable” which we are going to focus on later in the term when we plant out our potatoes and also “Oliver’s Fruit Salad”