Together again!

We thought we would let you know how well our first week back has gone, the children have been superstars and have just taken the "Pals new normal" in their stride - we are SO proud of them.

They have enjoyed a variety of activities this week including making Fathers Day cards, painting, role play,  construction, small world toys, fine motor activities. They have also participated in P.E both inside and outside,  Circle Time all together in the hall but well spaced out! Small Group Focus activities such as phonics, numbers and have enjoyed both the playground and the Church grounds on alternate days. They have been very busy!! For those of you on our closed Facebook page do take a look at some of the photos we have posted there.


Pals Events Calendar

Term dates 2020 -2021

Autumn 2020:  
Tues 1st September - Fri 18th December
Half term : 19th -30th October 
Spring 2021:  
Mon 4th January - Fri 26th March
Half term: 15th - 19th Febuary
Summer 2021:
Mon 19th April - Fri 23rd July
( Bank Holiday Monday 3rd May )
Half term: 31st May - 4th June