Bird Watch week and Valentines Day

This week we have participated in the RSPB Big School Bird Watch which is a favourite annual event at Pals thanks to our wonderful surroundings.  The children enjoyed standing in their "hide" (Ok we know it is really a puppet theatre with some green camouflage netting over it) and looking for bird fly past the lounge window. The use of our binoculars greatly enhanced the bird spotting and we saw a variety of birds during the hour including Robins, Blackbirds, Magpies, Great Tits, Pigeons, sparrows, blue tits and seagulls.  The children are able to identify which type of bird they see using our RSPB cards

Meanwhile on the activity table this week the children have created a wide variety of bird art together with various works of art for people they love. Happy Valentines Day....!!


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